The focus of the St Mary’s CaFE will be:

  • Building a strong sense of community and belonging for parents and families
  • Social activities/events for parents 
  • Parent involvement in whole school and classroom activities      
  • Guest speakers at the school for topics such as curriculum updates, wellbeing and child safety
  • Links to community groups where possible 

For the CaFE to run authentically we would like to call for St Mary’s parent grade representatives.  The role of parent grade representatives will be:

  • To provide a positive link between the CaFE and the Grade, strengthening communication for all parents
  • To welcome new families to the school
  • To promote CaFE activities within the Grade
  • To promote the school community in a positive manner both within and outside the school  
  • To direct any concerns to the school through the appropriate channels
  • To make yourself contactable to parents in the grade eg a mobile number, email address or ask for a note to be sent to the school

If you are interested in becoming a CaFE grade representative please contact the school office. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the parents and carers of the children in your child’s year and it is also an opportunity to make a difference to families who are new to the school.