Principal's Welcome

It is with a deep sense of pride and gratitude that I welcome you to St Mary's Catholic School community.

St Mary's has been identified through school reviews and performance surveys as a caring and collaborative learning community that is fully committed to the development of each child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. 

St Mary's has a strong identity as a faith filled Catholic community where we strive each day to live our motto of Learning, Justice and Love. Our students are well supported by dedicated teachers and support staff, our Parish Priest, Fr Greg Bellamy and his assistant priests, and a welcoming and enthusiastic parent community. 

St Mary's Catholic School provides a contemporary curriculum that aims for excellence for all learners and this is evident in strong academic results. All students have access to an extensive range of digital resources and collaborative learning to foster creativity, thinking and innovation. Students are fully involved in co-curricular activities and committed to social justice outreach initiatives.  Our students are happy learners who have access to attractive and contemporary learning spaces and grounds.

It is our intention that this website provides you with a genuine sense of our commitment to faith and learning.  You are warmly welcomed to book a tour of our facilities and learning spaces to get a full sense of the spirit of St Mary’s.

Kindest regards,

Gayle Stratton